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The Ronin Imperial Jiujitsu Gi jacket cloth is a 500 gsm weight jacket made of pearl weave material. This is a ideal for competition and daily training.


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The Ronin Emperor Limited Edition Gi in White

-Jacket cloth is a 500 gsm weight made of an advanced pearl weave material that is sanforized. This is a ideal for competition and daily training.

-Pants - Made of soft 100% cotton 12oz. duck canvas cotton with 6 belt loops & heavy duty thick stretchy rope tie.

Lightweight & Preshrunk with an ideal fit. Standard Triple reinforced stitching across all stress points. Cloth is a fast drying and fully breathable.

Full Features:

-Chest - Full Embroidered Ronin design with Traditional style Katana.

-Inside of the jacket - Sublimated high definition Print yoke. Beautiful Samurai Emperor head with chrysanthemum flower artwork.

-Collar/Lapel is made of a heavy duty extra firm EVA foam which is fast drying and anti-bacterial. Wrapped with 12 oz. Premium duck canvas.

-Rear upper jacket – 12 color Samurai Head with full direct embroidery.

The significance of tying in the chrysanthemum flowers and the sword with this gi is because the Emperor of Japan would sit on a Chrysanthemum Throne and always would have his sword by his side at all times.

Size Chart / Additional Info


5'3"-5'7" | 110-150 | A-1

5'6-5'9" | 150-165 | A-1L

5'6"-5'11"| 165-190 | A-2

5'11"-6'3"| 165-195 | A-2L

5'11"-6'2"| 190-225 | A-3

6'2"-6'4" | 195-230 | A-3L

6'0"-6'4" | 225-245 | A-4

6'2"-6'7"| 245-270 | A-5