Fuji Sports Day Trainer Duffle Bag blue
Do you know this FUJI Day Trainer bag? the perfect bag to bring along to practice. The bag is lightweight, durable and well organized, very easy for packing your clothes. The Day Trainer is stylish enough to serve as weekend bag or as your favourite carry-on wherever. This Bag is perfect for BJJ and every other combat sport, all your gear will fit inside. BJJ all day, every day!
Bag Venum Trainer Lite Black
The Venum Trainer Lite sports bag is designed for athletes looking for a large storage capacity!
Spacious and wide, this Venum sports bag can hold your shin guards and Venum boxing gloves at the same time!
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KVRA BAG for your Gi
The best fitted shell mount for elite athletes. Stand with shell pocket and Ultra Carbon Flex Cup shell.
Adjusted and comfortable support
Shell pocket in airy Mesh
Protective shell BJJ MMA Elion
Product available with different options
GOLD CUP shell high protection triple layers..Double protective shell Man with slip to better distribute the shock outside the vital parts without causing discomfort in the movements.Very comfortable gel cover for excellent support and increased shock absorption.Ventilated shell.
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DOGUERA PerformanceProtect mouthguard is the ultimate self-fit mouthguard – extremely lightweight for easier breathing and speaking. The enhanced protective shock frame offers a thin wall designed to absorb and disperse impact away from the point of contact. The DOGUERA PerformanceProtect is an easy fitting mouth guard with a very low profile and includes three layers of high protection level protection. Because of the low profile, this mouth guard is comfortable to wear during a game. There’s extra space in the back of the mouth guard to make it lighter and easier to speak with. The DOGUERA PerformanceProtect comes in 1 colors and 1 sizes adult size for people above age 11.
On sale!
In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as in many martial arts, we are never safe from a bad shot in the genitals, with shell Anubis Arte Suave Brasileira, forget this kind of inconvenience. Storage pouch provided.